Costley Mill Park

Operating as a Private Park in Conyers, Georgia

If you are looking for a private park to produce your next Commercial, TV Show, Movie, Company Brochure or Company Catalog; we have a lot to offer.

Resting along the banks of Big Haynes Creek, Costley Mill Park offers endless settings.  Nestled in nature, retreat from the hustle and bustle, full of historical significance, with various setting considerations already in place:

Barnyard, various buildings, gold mine, old moonshine still, old hillside houses, waterfalls, water raceway, old mill ruins, and many acres of pure nature.

We have experience working with several producers, including The Georgia Film Commission.  Several commercials including Jeep and Lotto commercials.  Company catalog and brochures including the local Atlanta Cutlery.  More recently, we've had TV Shows filming on location, including Vampire Diaries, the new Teen Wolf series and American Pie.  Pictures of their work will be posted as soon as they have been released. 

Please call the park to schedule a viewing of the park and discuss what we may be able to offer you.

770-483-2455 Beverly Bowman, Location Representative

Media - TV - Commercials
Below:  pics of Base Camp
The Various Buildings
Below: Old mill ruins ​and large pavilion overlooking beach area and pond
Below:  The General Stores
Below: Large open field
Barn and white fence
Below: Photo shoot by
Elle Michelle Photography

Below: The Hale House
​ from Teen Wolf Series​
Above: Ian Somerhalder, Laura Bowman, Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries)
Below: Seann William Scott, Bonnie​ Bowman (American Reunion)
Below:  Devil's Knot with Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth 2013 Main focus of the movie​ was along this creek.
Waterway, Pond, River: